Quantum Coherence, Quantum Heat Engines and Quantum Batteries

Our objective in this multinational project is to investigate if quantum physics can help to enhance the capabilities of energy storage and processing devices. We have recently reported that superradiance can be used as a “superwork” harvesting scheme that can lead to quadratic increase in the work output of a photonic Otto engine with the number of atoms powering the device [1]. We identified the physics behind the enhancement as a catalytic effect of quantum coherence. Our photonic quantum engine designs are inspired from light harvesting photosynthetic systems which can be relevant to “quantum photovoltaics” and “quantum biology” as well. In addition to photonic devices we consider atomic and molecular clusters, spin systems, including NMR, optomechanical and superconducting circuit QED systems for implementations of our ideas. We collaborate with Prof. Christopher Wilson group of IQC at University of Waterloo for experimental realizations. We have recently proposed a superconducting quantum piston engine [2]. This project is funded by a University Research Agreement between Koç University and Lockheed-Martin Chief Scientist’s Office.

We are also a member of atomQT action.